Getting To Know Me

Aren’t first posts awkward? I feel like I should have some sort of detailed syllabus to share with you, regarding what I intend to post about. But alas, I don’t. What I can offer, is a little bit of a back-story of why I decided to start this blog.

I have always been a ‘writer’, even though it took me a long time to call myself that. I am not sure why as humans, (or at least in my human experience), we shy away from calling ourselves artists, but we all are. We are all artists in our own right. Anyway, I have always been one to write, and I was always able to get by in school due to my ability to string a few words together that just happened to make some sense. I have worked as a web content writer / blog article writer for other companies. I appreciate any job that pays me to write, truly I do, but there is something uninspired about writing for someone else, or writing about a product / service.

The writing advice that always sticks out in my mind is, write what you know.

So, what do I know?

Well. I know about having a super active, (almost) three year old. I know about attempting (and sometimes failing at) DIY projects. I know about being married and the work that goes in to that. I know about trying to live on a budget. I know about turning Pinterest-aspirations in to reality. I know about creating meals and snacks, with the food we already have. I know about struggling with post-baby weight. I know about trying to do a little better each day, than the last. I know about trying to balance being a mom, being a wife, being a friend, cleaning the house, entertaining the child, walking the dog, and finding a moment to myself (if I am lucky).

I feel like I am every mom. I represent the cross-section. I represent the woman trying to turn the mundane things in life, in to the extraordinary. I am a work in progress–always.

So why blog? In my experience, there is great power in relating to each other. Something magical happens when one person says (or thinks) to another, I know what that’s like, I’ve felt that way too, I am not alone. If I can help perpetuate that feeling, to even one reader, then writing this blog will be worth it.

I am super excited to start this journey with you. I have so many ideas I can’t wait to share, write about, photograph and video. Also, if you’re reading this, Thank You. I know your time is valuable.



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4 thoughts on “Getting To Know Me

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I agree that it is a great way to relate to one another. I have met lots of other moms who are going through the same things that I am since starting my blog. It’s a great release from only talking to a toddler and infant all day and it clears my head!


    • Thanks so much for your comment! And I totally hear you about needing some adult interaction! haha I am looking forward to this journey, and of course meeting other fabulous moms like you! 🙂 Still figuring out how to cross my t’s and dot my i’s! 😉


  2. Though I am not a mom I am really interested in what you have to share in upcoming posts.Especially with your decision to write for yourself instead of a product.Welcome to the community!


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