Let’s Party!

Hello, my lovelies!

This week is ALL about 3rd Birthday Party madness! One of my top 5 favorite things ever, is to plan and throw a (themed) party for someone I love. And in this case, it is my daughter, Ayden’s 3rd Birthday. Being that she is turning 3 on the 3rd, we are having a ‘Golden’ Birthday party. I am also aware that this is probably the last year I get to choose the theme. (I have already lost the Halloween battle to Elsa).

My specialty in throwing these bashes, is to do so on a budget. (Hashtag, story of my life).

This week, I plan on sharing some of my favorite, money-saving tips for creating an adorable birthday.

In the meantime, feel free to browse some photos from her 1st Birthday party, which was themed ‘Ayden’s Candy-land’.

*These photos were taken by Sarah Field Photo

xo, Em

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