6 Scary Good Deals & Freebies on Halloween


Happppppy Halloweeeeen! Muahahaha (Can you hear the spooky infliction in my typing?)

If you know me, then you know that I L O V E Halloween. I love everything about it. Playing dress up, scaring friends, asking strangers for candy–all of it! I also love free things and secret deals. I have created a round-up of my favorite Halloween freebies. Enjoy!!

1. Starbucks

Treat yourself to a Franken Frappucino!


Franken Frappuccino: Green Tea Frappuccino with peppermint syrup, white chocolate sauce, java chips and topped with whipped cream and mocha drizzle.

Here’s the deal: After 2pm get a Franken Frappuccino or any other grande-size Frappuccino, for $3 at participating stores.


Scary-Face Pancakes for all!

Here’s the deal: Kids 12 and under, one per child, get a free “Scary Face” pancake for dine-in orders on Halloween.

3. Krispy Kreme

Show up to Krispy Kreme in costume on Halloween, and get a free doughnut!


Here’s the deal: No purchase necessary! (You can even choose a Ghostbuster doughnut).

4. Jamba Juice
Healthier Halloween


Here’s the deal: Kids 8 and under get a free 9.5 ounce smoothie on Halloween from 2 to 7 p.m. Made with whole fruit, as well as fruit and veggie juices, Jamba Kids Smoothies contain 2.5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables and are available in four delicious flavors.

5. Chipotle



Here’s the deal: Come dressed in costume from 5pm to close and get $3 burritos, bowls, salads, tacos, or kids’ meals. Proceeds (up to $1,000,000) will be donated to The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to create a sustainable and healthy food supply through education and support of family farmers.

6. Build-a-Bear Workshop

Bear costumes & free mystery treat!


Here’s the deal: Head to a Build-a-Bear store in costume, and receive a FREE mystery treat; no purchase necessary. Also, plenty of Halloween costumes for your furry friends.

 **Check your local stores to make sure offers apply
xo, Emily

7 Moms That I Love


                                                   (Photo source: Babble.com)

I recently read a hilarious blog post from Scary Mommy, called ‘7 Moms That Drive Me Crazy’. The article was not only funny, but had some real truths in it. I also related to some of the moms that she poked fun at, and she even admitting to the same. The article was clearly written in good fun.

When I went to comment on the post, I noticed a comment-war going on. There was a lot of criticism about not being supportive of other women/moms, and some people felt personally attacked. I found this strange since it was written in such a general way. I have learned that I have to be able to laugh at myself, otherwise I will become miserable. But this also got me thinking about the flip-side of this article–it got me thinking of the kinds of moms that I love and appreciate. And since I am really in to the whole law of attraction thing, I figured I would write a response article about the kind of moms I adore.

1. The Supportive Stranger

When Ayden was around 4 weeks old, we started venturing out in to the world, and by venturing out I mean taking trips to Costco or Target. (Trust me, this was no small feat for a brand new, first-time mommy). Inevitably, she would cry at some point. Being that she had a dry diaper and had just been fed, I was at a loss. I was also bursting at the seams with hormones, and felt über self-conscious about having that baby–you know, the one that cries in public. It was at these times that I experienced the kindness of The Supportive Stranger.

Sometimes it was a simple nod of understanding. Other times it was small talk about how babies just cry sometimes. Regardless, it helped me to not feel so alone in my scary new role as someones mom. I love these women. It may seem like a small act of kindness, but it carried me through many a day.

2. The Sharer

You’re at the park, the petting zoo, the trampoline place–wherever. You suddenly realize that you forgot to pack a snack for your little, who is eye-balling (if not actually attempting to swipe) another kid’s stash. It’s embarrassing. You swear you feed your kid. You swear you usually pack snacks. And then it happens. The nicest, most prepared mom in the world pulls out a spare pack of fruit snacks or pirate’s booty or raisins or goldfish, and offers it up.

She doesn’t look down her nose at you, she simply smiles and says “I’ve been there”. Thank you sweet supplier of toddler snacks! Crisis averted, all because this mommy was taught to share.

3. The Truth Teller

One thing I have learned as a mom is, things are not always as the seem, (especially on Facebook). Social media would have you believe that having kids is a breeze. In fact, social media would have you believe that babies and kids are always having fun, always smiling and always dressed well. Not true.

What I really appreciate, (possibly the most), are the moms who tell the truth. I appreciate the moms who are honest about the stresses of having kids, the pressures of being a wife and mom and the realities of perfectly imperfect kids.

As moms, I think we tend look at other moms and compare ourselves. In the past I always came up short, in my mind. Knowing that the other seemingly ‘perfect’ moms have the same struggles as I do, has really helped me to be kinder to myself. Plus, you never know who is looking at you, and admiring your own mom-skillz. So I say, pass on the honesty, and help other moms let themselves off the hook!

4. The Hand-me-downer

The hand-me-downer rules so hard. These are the amazing mamas who generously provide you with entire wardrobes at any given time. I love these women! I love the unexpected Christmas in July, when a giant trash bag of cute (often times brand name) clothes appear on our front step. And it feels just as good to return the favor to other families. This is one of those unspoken exchanges that go on in the mom world, and I am ever so grateful for this.

5. The Back-patter

Let’s time travel again for a bit, back to when I was a brand new mom. I vividly remember talking to other moms purely for moral support and hearing the words, “You’re doing a great job”. Simple words, right? Those words literally stopped me dead in my tracks. They were the best words I had ever heard. Those words allowed me to breath for a minute. I needed those words, and didn’t even realize it. Those words are our code.

Most likely those moms had heard those exact words just at the time they needed to hear them, too. Those moms knew I needed a verbal pat on the back, and provided just that at just the right moment. I am thankful that I was taught that early on. It helped me pat myself on the back, when no one else was there to do it.

6. The Baby Holder

I love the moms who want to hold your baby for you. I love them. A few minutes to go pee by yourself, to eat a sandwich, to do the dishes, etc can be life-changing in that moment. So thank you, moms, who have ever offered to occupy my child for me for any amount of time.

7. The Mama in Need

The mama in need is the mama who saves my sanity. You know what feels even better than being helped? Helping someone else. At least that has been my experience.

When I get to utilize all of the wonderful things that other moms have taught me along the way, I feel a part of this incredible mama community. I feel useful. I feel like a real mom.

It is a give-and-take system. And while we may not always see eye-to-eye on hot-button topics, we are all just trying to do the best we can with what we have. I appreciate all of the mamas out there, whether you vaccinate or don’t, cloth diaper or don’t, breast feed or don’t, co-sleep or don’t, spank or don’t, etc, etc. At the end of the day, you are doing a great job.

xo, Emily

DIY Challenge – Day 5: Anthropology Hack


You know what I love? Words. It’s true. I am a self-proclaimed word-nerd. I love the English language–I even have words tattooed on my body.

(This is a difficult angle to take a picture from!) "Man found the mirror and lost his soul"

(This is a difficult angle to take a picture from!)
“Man found the mirror and lost his soul”

You know what else I love? Those cool, industrial-looking, zinc letters from Anthropology. anthro letters I was playing on Pinterest one evening, and I stumbled upon a fab Anthropology-hack DIY, for these exact letters. In fact, I found a few tutorials, but this one from the Retropolotain Blog was by far my favorite. I actually liked them better than the original Anthro letters, and thus began my Anthropology Hack DIY: STEP 1: Purchase 8 inch paper machete or cardboard letters of your choice. I found mine at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 a piece. diy tax and anthro 017 diy tax and anthro 016 STEP 2: Paint the letters solid black and allow to dry. diy tax and anthro 020  diy tax and anthro 024  diy tax and anthro 022 diy tax and anthro 021 STEP 3: Once the letters have dried, apply a very thin coat of silver, metallic craft paint. You will still be able to see the black through the silver paint. Allow to dry. Apply a second, light coat of silver paint. Make sure not to completely mute out the black base coat. This will give your letters better dimension. diy tax and anthro 028 diy tax and anthro 027 STEP 4: Lightly sand or rough up the seams and edges of the letters. This will help make the texture appear more metallic. diy tax and anthro 037 STEP 5: Insert silver thumb tacks at corners and bends of each letter and lightly brush over them with the silver paint. This will dull their shine, making the project look more cohesive. When the paint on the thumb tacks dry, you can go over them a bit with the sand paper to scratch the paint up a little. diy tax and anthro 038 diy tax and anthro 039 diy tax and anthro 040  diy tax and anthro 042 diy tax and anthro 043 diy tax and anthro 044  diy tax and anthro 046    diy tax and anthro 050  diy tax and anthro 052 diy tax and anthro 053 diy tax and anthro 054 diy tax and anthro 055 STEP 6: Use velcro, or dual-sided tape to hang letters wherever desired. diy tax and anthro 057 diy tax and anthro 058 yum.jpg An viola! You now have your very own Anthropology ‘zinc’ letters. They run $18 a piece, which would have cost me $54 before tax (and shipping, since I am an online shopping-junkie). Mine cost a grand total of around $10. Cost Breakdown: 3 Letters (@ $2.99 a piece) – $8.97 Silver metallic craft paint – $1.75 Black craft paint – FREE (already had it) Silver thumb tacks – FREE (already had them) Sand paper block – FREE (already had it) Grand Total: $10.72 Total Savings: $43.28   xo, Emily

DIY Challenge – Day 4: Faux Taxidermy

Alright, so I will come clean here. I am a day behind schedule, so I did Day 4 & Day 5 today. I am really excited about both of these projects.

If you are even remotely in to home decor, you have probably noticed some really fabulous faux taxidermy pieces popping up all over the place. I fell in love with a piece I saw in the CB2 catalog, last Fall. Here is the piece:

ram cb2

Goldie, the wall-hanging ram

The problem is, I couldn’t justify spending the $70, (to my husband). I have been on the lookout for fun ways to emulate this piece. Most of the faux taxidermy heads that I have found, are still out of a reasonable price-range for us.

I was thumbing through the clearance section of my West Elm catalog, and came across these amazing, animal head wall hooks. I found this rad little ram’s head hook on sale for $9.99.

ram west elm

Not only was it on sale and not only was it free shipping, but it was also an additional 15% off! I knew right then I had to get it and transform it in to a miniature version of Goldie. So without further or due, here is my CB2 Hack, Faux Taxidermy DIY:

First I had to paint the entire figurine white, (horns included).

diy tax and anthro 001 diy tax and anthro 006 diy tax and anthro 007 diy tax and anthro 008 diy tax and anthro 011 diy tax and anthro 015

I let the first coat dry, and went over it with a 2nd coat of white, craft paint.

diy tax and anthro 026

3rd coat…

diy tax and anthro 032

I painted the horns with gold, metallic craft paint.

diy tax and anthro 031 diy tax and anthro 034 diy tax and anthro 035 diy tax and anthro 033

I allowed the paint to dry (it is much more metallic once dry), and hung it on my existing collage wall, inside one of the empty frames.


txi2.jpgtxi.jpg  txi1.jpg

Any ideas on what to name it? (:

xo, Emily

DIY Challenge – Day 3: Edible Witches Brooms

Some people claim that they are not very crafty, and while I agree that certain DIY’s are definitely more challenging than others, I truly believe that there are crafts out there for everyone. This is one of those crafts. This is a great one to do with your Littles, (as long as you accept that some of the supplies will be consumed along the way).

Are you ready for the easiest-peasiest Halloween DIY ever? I give you:

Edible Witches Brooms

5 days diy 3 001 5 days diy 3 006

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 cookie sheet
  • parchment paper / wax paper / tin foil
  • 1 (12 oz) bag of Reese’s miniature peanut butter cups
  • Pretzel sticks

5 days diy 3 0045 days diy 3 005


  • Line cookie sheet with parchment paper
  • Unwrap mini peanut butter cups (paper liner included)
  • Line peanut butter cups on dressed cookie sheet, face down
  • Insert pretzel sticks in the center of the peanut butter cup, pressing about 1/3-1/2 the way in.
  • Refrigerate or freeze

5 days diy 3 0025 days diy 3 008

The biggest challenge about this little Halloween DIY, may be not eating all of the peanut butter cups! Enjoy!

xo, Emily

DIY Challenge – Day 2: Painted Feathers

Hi guys! Today’s DIY craft was originally going to be ‘dipped’ feathers. But like most projects, it evolved in to something else. I am most likely going to create some sort of a garland with these cutie-feathers, and for that, I may post a tutorial (through my own trial and error). Also, these are smaller feathers (leftover from Ayden’s Birthday party). Next time I would probably use bigger feathers. (At the bottom of this post, I have included photos of how I re-purposed the feathers from Ayden’s party.)

Before I post my photos, I just want to say something about this DIY challenge. So today I wasn’t really feeling like crafting. I had a headache and I was feeling tired. Everything in me was saying ‘Ayden is napping! Go lay down!!’ But then I thought about some of the other people participating in this challenge, especially this bad-ass mama, brewed some coffee and got down to business. Being accountable to you, saved the day! The other thing I want to say about this challenge, is that forcing myself to create everyday, is sparking even more creativity. I am suddenly overflowing with ideas, and projects and I feel really inspired. Anyway, I wanted to share that. I will leave you with this rad Maya Angelou quote, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”.

Painted Feather DIY

diy6.jpgI couldn't part with these sparkly, glittery feathers, so I put them in an old honey jar (which was a favor from a friend's wedding), and put them on my desk so I could enjoy them every day.

I couldn’t part with these sparkly, glittery feathers, so I put them in an old honey jar (which was a favor from a friend’s wedding), and put them on my desk so I could enjoy them every day.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Emily

DIY Challenge – Day 1: Crayon Drip Pumpkin

I am happy to say, that I successfully completed day 1 of my 5 Days of DIY Challenge! Hooray! It was almost a disaster, but this project ended up being loads of fun, and I am pleased with the end result!

The Project: Crayon Drip Pumpkin DIY

Originally I had pictured doing this project on a large, plain, all white pumpkin. When I got to the store, they did not have a large, plain, all white pumpkin. I could have gone on a wild-goose-pumpkin chase, but Ayden was with me and we were nearing lunchtime. Dragging a hungry toddler around on a mission, is a recipe for disaster. So instead I settled on a smaller white pumpkin, with orange speckles.

1. Choose a pumpkin

5 days diy 1 030

2. Choose crayons & peel off wrappers

In the Pinterest post that originally inspired this project, the person used an entire box of crayola crayons, in rainbow order. Because we have a crayon-farm in our home, (not literally), I used my typical use what you have approach. I collected some of Ayden’s broken crayons, and up-cycled them for this project.

5 days diy 1 035

5 days diy 1 037

3. Paint or color pumpkin stem

As if you wouldn’t have guessed, I painted my stem gold. It doesn’t have to be perfectly in the lines, because the crayon wax will cover some of it. Also, you will go back at the end and touch up the paint.

5 days diy 1 0385 days diy 1 040

4. Glue crayons to top of pumpkin & let dry

I used basic Elmer’s school glue, but I bet a more industrial type of glue would be even better.

5 days diy 1 0415 days diy 1 0425 days diy 1 043

5. Use a blow dryer to apply heat from the top of the pumpkin

Ok, here is where it gets tricky. I probably didn’t wait for the glue to completely dry because I am very impatient. But even if you are more patient than me, you still might find the crayons want to slip off. First of all, I had to use low heat to start–I think it created a bond between the crayon to the pumpkin. When I turned the heat on high–again, impatience, I had to hold it from higher above. Then you can start playing with the angle of the blow drying, which causes the colorful crayon wax to drip down the sides. This was so much fun for me! Therapeutic, even. (:

5 days diy 1 0455 days diy 1 0475 days diy 1 049

6. Cool & serve

When you are finished, let the crayon wax cool off and set. You can go back and touch up the stem with your paint, and viola! Your crayon drip pumpkin is complete!

5 days diy 1 0525 days diy 1 0505 days diy 1 0535 days diy 1 055 5 days diy 1 0565 days diy 1 058

Stay tuned for Day 2 of my 5 Day DIY Challenge!

xo, Emily