Ok. So if you haven’t yet heard of Chatbooks, (maybe you live in a cave?), let me be the first to fill you in on the best thing to happen to Instagram since filters.

First of all, I have a confession. My name is Emily, and I am a mamarazzi. That’s right. I follow my child around relentlessly, with iPhone in hand, attempting to capture every cute move she makes. I can’t help myself, she is stinkin’ adorable. So the first step is admitting I have a problem, right? Right. That means the second step is finding ways to justify and fuel said addiction.

Enter Chatbooks.

When Ayden was born, I took a million pictures, kept up with her baby-book (for the most part), and created albums of Costco-printed photos. Then she turned 2 months. I continued to take pictures, but found myself slacking in the printing department. I began to feel stressed out about all of these photos just floating in the infinite abyss that is my hard drive,  and my sleep-deprived brain could not remember what order they went in.

This has been an ongoing issue for almost 3 years now. And then… it happened. Chatbooks. What is it they do exactly?

1. Chatbooks prints out your entire Instagram feed, in to adorable, 60-page, 6″x6″ album books.

2. Chatbooks allows you to edit said content, excluding photos you may not want in your album. (In my case these were photos of food pics and treadmill workouts.)

3. Chatbooks only cost $6 a book. That’s right, $6. A book.

4. Once you order your Chatbooks series, they will notify you by email when your next 60-page book is ready for review. If you are an over-poster like me, you will obviously reach 60 photos before someone who only posts occasionally. But once again, you can exclude any photos that you don’t want in your series.

5. Chatbooks offers free shipping.

Anyway, have yourself a little look-see at my series; ‘The Instagram Files’.

xo, Emily

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