DIY Challenge – Day 1: Crayon Drip Pumpkin

I am happy to say, that I successfully completed day 1 of my 5 Days of DIY Challenge! Hooray! It was almost a disaster, but this project ended up being loads of fun, and I am pleased with the end result!

The Project: Crayon Drip Pumpkin DIY

Originally I had pictured doing this project on a large, plain, all white pumpkin. When I got to the store, they did not have a large, plain, all white pumpkin. I could have gone on a wild-goose-pumpkin chase, but Ayden was with me and we were nearing lunchtime. Dragging a hungry toddler around on a mission, is a recipe for disaster. So instead I settled on a smaller white pumpkin, with orange speckles.

1. Choose a pumpkin

5 days diy 1 030

2. Choose crayons & peel off wrappers

In the Pinterest post that originally inspired this project, the person used an entire box of crayola crayons, in rainbow order. Because we have a crayon-farm in our home, (not literally), I used my typical use what you have approach. I collected some of Ayden’s broken crayons, and up-cycled them for this project.

5 days diy 1 035

5 days diy 1 037

3. Paint or color pumpkin stem

As if you wouldn’t have guessed, I painted my stem gold. It doesn’t have to be perfectly in the lines, because the crayon wax will cover some of it. Also, you will go back at the end and touch up the paint.

5 days diy 1 0385 days diy 1 040

4. Glue crayons to top of pumpkin & let dry

I used basic Elmer’s school glue, but I bet a more industrial type of glue would be even better.

5 days diy 1 0415 days diy 1 0425 days diy 1 043

5. Use a blow dryer to apply heat from the top of the pumpkin

Ok, here is where it gets tricky. I probably didn’t wait for the glue to completely dry because I am very impatient. But even if you are more patient than me, you still might find the crayons want to slip off. First of all, I had to use low heat to start–I think it created a bond between the crayon to the pumpkin. When I turned the heat on high–again, impatience, I had to hold it from higher above. Then you can start playing with the angle of the blow drying, which causes the colorful crayon wax to drip down the sides. This was so much fun for me! Therapeutic, even. (:

5 days diy 1 0455 days diy 1 0475 days diy 1 049

6. Cool & serve

When you are finished, let the crayon wax cool off and set. You can go back and touch up the stem with your paint, and viola! Your crayon drip pumpkin is complete!

5 days diy 1 0525 days diy 1 0505 days diy 1 0535 days diy 1 055 5 days diy 1 0565 days diy 1 058

Stay tuned for Day 2 of my 5 Day DIY Challenge!

xo, Emily

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