DIY Challenge – Day 5: Anthropology Hack


You know what I love? Words. It’s true. I am a self-proclaimed word-nerd. I love the English language–I even have words tattooed on my body.

(This is a difficult angle to take a picture from!) "Man found the mirror and lost his soul"

(This is a difficult angle to take a picture from!)
“Man found the mirror and lost his soul”

You know what else I love? Those cool, industrial-looking, zinc letters from Anthropology. anthro letters I was playing on Pinterest one evening, and I stumbled upon a fab Anthropology-hack DIY, for these exact letters. In fact, I found a few tutorials, but this one from the Retropolotain Blog was by far my favorite. I actually liked them better than the original Anthro letters, and thus began my Anthropology Hack DIY: STEP 1: Purchase 8 inch paper machete or cardboard letters of your choice. I found mine at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 a piece. diy tax and anthro 017 diy tax and anthro 016 STEP 2: Paint the letters solid black and allow to dry. diy tax and anthro 020  diy tax and anthro 024  diy tax and anthro 022 diy tax and anthro 021 STEP 3: Once the letters have dried, apply a very thin coat of silver, metallic craft paint. You will still be able to see the black through the silver paint. Allow to dry. Apply a second, light coat of silver paint. Make sure not to completely mute out the black base coat. This will give your letters better dimension. diy tax and anthro 028 diy tax and anthro 027 STEP 4: Lightly sand or rough up the seams and edges of the letters. This will help make the texture appear more metallic. diy tax and anthro 037 STEP 5: Insert silver thumb tacks at corners and bends of each letter and lightly brush over them with the silver paint. This will dull their shine, making the project look more cohesive. When the paint on the thumb tacks dry, you can go over them a bit with the sand paper to scratch the paint up a little. diy tax and anthro 038 diy tax and anthro 039 diy tax and anthro 040  diy tax and anthro 042 diy tax and anthro 043 diy tax and anthro 044  diy tax and anthro 046    diy tax and anthro 050  diy tax and anthro 052 diy tax and anthro 053 diy tax and anthro 054 diy tax and anthro 055 STEP 6: Use velcro, or dual-sided tape to hang letters wherever desired. diy tax and anthro 057 diy tax and anthro 058 yum.jpg An viola! You now have your very own Anthropology ‘zinc’ letters. They run $18 a piece, which would have cost me $54 before tax (and shipping, since I am an online shopping-junkie). Mine cost a grand total of around $10. Cost Breakdown: 3 Letters (@ $2.99 a piece) – $8.97 Silver metallic craft paint – $1.75 Black craft paint – FREE (already had it) Silver thumb tacks – FREE (already had them) Sand paper block – FREE (already had it) Grand Total: $10.72 Total Savings: $43.28   xo, Emily

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