DIY Challenge – Day 4: Faux Taxidermy

Alright, so I will come clean here. I am a day behind schedule, so I did Day 4 & Day 5 today. I am really excited about both of these projects.

If you are even remotely in to home decor, you have probably noticed some really fabulous faux taxidermy pieces popping up all over the place. I fell in love with a piece I saw in the CB2 catalog, last Fall. Here is the piece:

ram cb2

Goldie, the wall-hanging ram

The problem is, I couldn’t justify spending the $70, (to my husband). I have been on the lookout for fun ways to emulate this piece. Most of the faux taxidermy heads that I have found, are still out of a reasonable price-range for us.

I was thumbing through the clearance section of my West Elm catalog, and came across these amazing, animal head wall hooks. I found this rad little ram’s head hook on sale for $9.99.

ram west elm

Not only was it on sale and not only was it free shipping, but it was also an additional 15% off! I knew right then I had to get it and transform it in to a miniature version of Goldie. So without further or due, here is my CB2 Hack, Faux Taxidermy DIY:

First I had to paint the entire figurine white, (horns included).

diy tax and anthro 001 diy tax and anthro 006 diy tax and anthro 007 diy tax and anthro 008 diy tax and anthro 011 diy tax and anthro 015

I let the first coat dry, and went over it with a 2nd coat of white, craft paint.

diy tax and anthro 026

3rd coat…

diy tax and anthro 032

I painted the horns with gold, metallic craft paint.

diy tax and anthro 031 diy tax and anthro 034 diy tax and anthro 035 diy tax and anthro 033

I allowed the paint to dry (it is much more metallic once dry), and hung it on my existing collage wall, inside one of the empty frames.


txi2.jpgtxi.jpg  txi1.jpg

Any ideas on what to name it? (:

xo, Emily

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