The One About Pie

Clarity and focus doesn’t always come

Greetings & salutations!

I hope everyone had a terrific Turkey Day and ate lots of yummy food, (I sure did!) This year, I was responsible for desserts, and I decided I wanted to post about it. I consider myself to be more of a cooker than a baker, so I was excited for this challenge. In my mind, Thanksgiving desserts should include, (but of course not be limited to): pumpkin pie, pecan pie and apple pie. This was my inspiration for the desserts I was creating. I am pleased to announce that all were a success, and that I didn’t burn down our house in the process, (although I came close at one point–Oopsie!)

I followed recipes that I found via Pinterest, and I am including the links for your baking pleasure. Enjoy!

Dutch Apple Pie:

I decided to try a different type of apple pie, than the traditional kind. It turned out pretty yummy, and was my husband’s favorite of the three desserts I made.

some doubles 325 some doubles 326 some doubles 342 some doubles 340

Pecan Pie Bars:

So here’s the truth… I didn’t have enough pie dishes to make a pecan pie, so I found this amazing pecan pie bar recipe, and created these instead. My Father-in-law renamed them ‘crack bars’, which I think qualifies them as a hit.

Here’s a secret, though. I smoked out our entire house in the process of making these bad boys. I put all of the filling in to the pan when it was time to bake them, (which was way too much). In turn, it dripped over the sides and if you didn’t know, sugar makes a lot of smoke. It was quite a scene, but the bars survived the trauma, and so did we.

some doubles 347

See the edges where it spilled over int he oven? It’s not supposed to look like that.

some doubles 348 some doubles 350some doubles 351  some doubles 352

Pumpkin Pie:

Guys… I made homemade pie crust! This made me feel so legit.

some doubles 322 some doubles 319

I prepped my dough, filling and sugared cranberries the night before. After my whole pecan-pie-bar-almost-burn-down-the-house incident, I decided it was time to take a break for the night. Here is the final product, though. It tasted as good as it looked! (My favorite of the three desserts).

some doubles 349 some doubles 360 some doubles 354 some doubles 359 some doubles 357 some doubles 353

Stay tuned for my 12 Days of DIY, starting this week!

xo, Emily

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