Day 1 – Pom Pom Branches: 12 Days of DIY


Happy December!

We are officially in holiday season. As promised, I have taken the ‘Deck the Halls with DIY’ challenge; aka 12 days of DIY. I am kicking off my 12 days with a user-friendly craft that you can do with your kiddos.

I had a huge bag of multi-colored pom poms in my craft supplies, so this was a no-brainer for me. As you know by now, I am a total use-what-you-have gal. Here is a fun and easy way to spruce up a desk top, entry table or any other surface you fancy.

Pom Pom Branches:

1. Collect Branches

This part was so much fun! I took Ayden on a ‘nature walk’, where we collected sticks and twigs and branches. I made sure to get extra so that there were plenty for Ayden to make. 

2. Pick your Poms




Pick your color scheme. I was a bit limited, since I only had the colors from my bag, to choose from. I wanted bright, rich, jewel-tone-ish colors. (Ayden was a bit more liberal with her color choices.) 

3. Trim your branches

Depending on what kind of sticks you collect, you may need to trim them a bit. At the very least you will probably have to cut the sticks to your desired length.

4. Hot glue ’em




Using a hot glue gun, dab glue at tips of stick, (one stick at a time and one dab at a time), and start attaching the pom poms. Or, for a more kid-friendly approach, use Elmer’s glue, (we prefer the sparkly kind in this house).

5. Let ’em dry


Let the sticks dry for a couple of hours, (or over night). Once dry, put your pom pom branches in a vase, and display as desired. 

xo, Em

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