Facebook / Mama Support Forum

A little over three years ago after I had my daughter, I went through the major transition in to motherhood that all new mothers experience. I battled with some minor PPD, and really found that just talking and relating with other new(ish) moms was so helpful.

Throughout my pregnancy I had participated on some of the pregnancy apps, (the bump, baby center), and found it extremely comforting to have a place to ask questions. My only hang-up with these forums was that there seemed to be a lot of cyber-arguing, drama and pretend profiles. I believe that the anonymity of these types of sites tend to foster that kind of behavior.

One day I was on the phone with one of my mama-friends, and we got to talking about how helpful it was to be able to relate and vent about day-to-day mommy stuff. I told her about the apps I used during my pregnancy, and how I wished there was a support place for new moms, without all the drama that I had witnessed. We came up with the idea to start a mama’s support forum on Facebook, that was strictly for the purpose of being helpful to moms–especially new moms.

The intent was to have a little group where we, and some of our other mama-friends could post questions, concerns, rants or anything else in a completely safe, supportive and private environment.

What happened is, our ‘little’ group began to grow. Mamas invited other mama friends. What started out as an Orange County, Ca-based Facebook group, has become a national group of nearly 1,200 mamas. It is a loving, growing and incredibly supportive forum and I hold it so close to my heart. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined our group organically expanding in to something that would (I believe), help so many women.

I have only ever had to remove two people, out of nearly 1,200, for not following our code of respect and kindness. The women in this group are nothing short of amazing, and truly inspiring.

If you are a mom, an expecting mom, a step-mom or an adopting mom and are interested in joining our ever-growing Facebook group, please contact me for an invitation link. Due to the private nature of our group, we are not searchable on Facebook.

**In no way, shape or form am I intending to bash the bump or baby center. I love both of these websites and found them hugely helpful both during my pregnancy and in to my journey as a mother. These are both wonderful resources for all things baby.

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