Day 8: Raw Wreath Dream Catcher

raw wreath dream catcher diy

This craft came to be as an inspiration from an Instagram post by JL Desgins. I actually found the post through Wolf Camp Studios, of Costa Mesa, Ca, when they were having their Handcrafted Holiday Pop-up shop. I saw the wreath below going for $65. I wanted that wreath, but I had 2 problems: a.) I couldn’t make it to Costa Mesa that weekend, and b.) I didn’t have an extra $65 to spend on Holiday deco, (we run our ship on a budget!)

JL Designs

I already had all the crafts I would need to recreate my version and vision of this, (minus the raw wreath). I made a little trippy-poo to Hobby Lobby, snagged one for around $5 and the rest is history.

I am in love with the finished project–like, really in love. Here is my step-by-step how-to in photos, (of course incorporating my crafting motto – ‘use what you have’.)

raw wreath dream catcher

Raw wreath

raw wreath dream catcher

Feather tags I had, purchased from the $1 spot at Target


Lace twine back and forth (creating a star-like pattern), on the back side of your wreath.

Lace twine back and forth (creating a star-like pattern), on the back side of your wreath.


Beads I had in my craft supplies.

Beads I had in my craft supplies.


Tie feathers and twine to the bottom and back side of your wreath, adding beads as desired.

8 and 9 071

‘Borrow’ some greenery from a tree or garland, (real or fake).


Decorate the outer part of your wreath by tucking it under the little branches.

1b.jpg 1d.jpg 1e.jpg

Hang wreath dream catcher

Hang wreath dream catcher

What I love about this DIY, is that you can hang it all year around (just remove the greenery after the holidays.) I would love your feedback on this one! Please comment below, if you so desire. xo, Em

Day 7: Holiday Wall Art {Fail and Fixes}

DAY 7_(1)

Greetings, Blogosphere!

Today is DIY Day 7, which officially puts us over the halfway mark of this 12 day challenge. If I am being 100% honest, (which I am), then you should know I hesitated to post this craft. It did not turn out how I envisioned it, and after the fact I realized a better way to do the project. You know what they say about hindsight..

When I started this blog, I did so under the guise of being relate-able to the ‘everyday mom’. Everyday moms sometimes have fails. I wouldn’t call this project a total fail, but let’s be honest, it’s not my favorite. (That is what Ayden says when she doesn’t like something).

I am going to post my how-to for this project, and at the bottom I will post the fixes to my perceived glitches. Thanks for hanging in this thing with me, and loving me despite my imperfect DIYs. (:

(Sparkly) Holiday Wall Art DIY


  • Canvas
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Masking Tape
  • Glitter scrapbook paper
  • Glue
  • Black Paint
  • Gold or Silver Paint

Step 1:

Measure equal stripes on to your canvas using your ruler and pencil.

6 and 7 001 6 and 7 002

Step 2:

Mask off your stripes, (masking inside the white stripe, so you can paint the black stripe.) And paint.

6 and 7 003 6 and 7 004

Step 3:

While paint is drying draw & cut out your desired shape on the back of the craft paper, (I chose a snowflake because it is pretty neutral. I had to really fight the urge to make another ‘taxidermy’ head.)

6 and 7 005 6 and 7 007

Step 4:

Remove masking tape once paint has dried, apply glue to cut out, and adhere it to canvas. (Note: the picture does not have to be dead-center, try placing it off-center for a more original look.)

***This is where my problems began. I am pretty sure the paint wasn’t fully dry when I removed the tape. Either that, or the paint just bled. I did not get the clean, straight stripe I was hoping for.)

6 and 7 006 6 and 7 014 6 and 7 013 6 and 7 009

Step 5:

Add ‘snow’ with gold or silver paint and allow to dry.

This is my finished project. It isn't quite as I imagined or planned it. See below for suggested 'fixes' to this DIY.

This is my finished project. It isn’t quite as I imagined or planned it. See below for suggested ‘fixes’ to this DIY.


  • Paint upward of the masking tape seam.
  • Allow paint to fully dry over several hours.
  • Instead of scrap book paper, use Elmer’s glue directly on the canvas to draw your desired shape, then cover with loose glitter and allow it to dry. (I believe this will give a cleaner look to the project).
  • Add a splash of color, (like mustard or red, or both) to add a little contrast.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself!

xo, Em

Day 5 – Faux Taxidermy Ornaments

faux taxidermy ornament

Today’s DIY, I am proud to say, was my own idea. Thanks to The Shabby Creek Cottage blog, I found these amazing deer head–or moose head (there is a current debate over this), ornaments at Big Lots. All on their own, they are pretty epic, but then I had the idea to mount them.

I found mini wood slices and mini eyelets (to make them in to ornaments), on Then I ordered red and white baker’s twine from Pick Your Plum, during their killer Black Friday sale. The end result was magic, and I gifted them to my girlfriends at a girls-night holiday gathering I threw last night. Here’s the how-to:


Sparkly deer/moose head ornaments

Mini eyelets

Mini 3″-4″ wood slices

Red and white baker’s twine

Hot glue

**Before you begin, you will need to wipe off the wood slices as they will have wood dust and possibly some dirt on them. You will also need to cut the ornament string from the deer/moose heads.

1. Twist eyelets in to wood slices

deer10.jpg deer11.jpg

The eyelets have a pointed end, and are relatively easy to screw in to the wood slices. Tip: Hold your slice from different edges, to find the best spot for the top.

2. Hot glue heads to wood

deer1.jpg deer2.jpg deer4.jpg

Glue the heads to the center of the wood slice, with the eyelet centered at the top. Allow to completely dry. Tip: Apply glue to head, rather than the wood.

3. Personalize the wood slice

deer3.jpg deer6.jpg

I kept mine simple, and just put the year, but you could write or draw anything you like to personalize each ornament.

4. String ’em

deer7.jpg deer8.jpg

String the baker’s twine through the eyelet, and tie the ends in a double knot. (You can also tie ends in to a bow if you prefer.) Tip: cut twine at angle, and it will feed through the eyelet easier.

5. Use the extra


I have a confession. Originally I bought two boxes of these amazing deer/moose heads. When I purchased them, I wasn’t sure how I was going to use them yet. When it occurred to me that I could make these fab faux taxidermy ornaments, I went back to Big Lots to buy up the rest. But to my dismay, they were all gone. Sadness. I had a bunch of extra wood slices, so I slapped some chalkboard paint on them, and made customized ornaments with chalkboard pen. I think these guys are pretty cute too.


Another confession: I kept one for myself. (:

My friend Jessie showing off her goodies.

My friend Jessie showing off her goodies.

xo, Em

Day 3 – Disco Ball Garland: 12 Days of DIY

disco ball garland

The only good thing that came from disco, was its balls. Disco balls, that is; (get your mind out of the gutter). (:

If you haven’t noticed, I really really like sparkly things. So you can imagine my delight when I came across these amazing, mirrored, mini disco-ball ornaments. (I bought like three boxes of them!) I decided that I would make a disco ball garland, to spruce up an ordinary, old green garland that someone handed down to us.

The truth is, I didn’t want to post this DIY until I was finished with my armoir-makeover (paint-over) project. But alas, time has not been on my side this week. We had a washing machine malfunction, which forced me to take our laundry on tour. Not ideal, but we will rebuild.

Anyway, here’s what I got–perfectly imperfect. I hope it gives you some fun ideas.


  • Disco Ball ornaments
  • Fishing line (to string the ornaments)
  • A little bit of patience
  • Netflix (‘Sons of Anarchy’, in my case), to keep you company whilst you string your garland.

xo, Emily

Day 2 – Painted Pine Cones: 12 Days of DIY

painted pinecones

Hello! We meet again… And I am oh-so thankful for it.

Today’s DIY is a fun one that doesn’t take too much time or effort. You could do this one with your kiddos too. I chose to do it as an after-hours, alone-time project and it proved to be pretty relaxing and therapeutic. Initially these were going to be ombre pine cones, but I had fun breaking the ‘rules’.

Another major score was that I had all the supplies for this craft, on hand. I love when that happens. I had a couple of large zip locks filled with pine cones from holidays of past, and the paints and brushes in my craft supplies. Woot!

pine 002 pine1.jpg pine2.jpg pine3.jpg pine4.jpg pine5.jpg pine6.jpg

Don’t forget to enter your DIY idea that you would like to see featured, for a chance to win a cool prize!

xo, Em

Day 1 – Pom Pom Branches: 12 Days of DIY


Happy December!

We are officially in holiday season. As promised, I have taken the ‘Deck the Halls with DIY’ challenge; aka 12 days of DIY. I am kicking off my 12 days with a user-friendly craft that you can do with your kiddos.

I had a huge bag of multi-colored pom poms in my craft supplies, so this was a no-brainer for me. As you know by now, I am a total use-what-you-have gal. Here is a fun and easy way to spruce up a desk top, entry table or any other surface you fancy.

Pom Pom Branches:

1. Collect Branches

This part was so much fun! I took Ayden on a ‘nature walk’, where we collected sticks and twigs and branches. I made sure to get extra so that there were plenty for Ayden to make. 

2. Pick your Poms




Pick your color scheme. I was a bit limited, since I only had the colors from my bag, to choose from. I wanted bright, rich, jewel-tone-ish colors. (Ayden was a bit more liberal with her color choices.) 

3. Trim your branches

Depending on what kind of sticks you collect, you may need to trim them a bit. At the very least you will probably have to cut the sticks to your desired length.

4. Hot glue ’em




Using a hot glue gun, dab glue at tips of stick, (one stick at a time and one dab at a time), and start attaching the pom poms. Or, for a more kid-friendly approach, use Elmer’s glue, (we prefer the sparkly kind in this house).

5. Let ’em dry


Let the sticks dry for a couple of hours, (or over night). Once dry, put your pom pom branches in a vase, and display as desired. 

xo, Em

The One About Pie

Clarity and focus doesn’t always come

Greetings & salutations!

I hope everyone had a terrific Turkey Day and ate lots of yummy food, (I sure did!) This year, I was responsible for desserts, and I decided I wanted to post about it. I consider myself to be more of a cooker than a baker, so I was excited for this challenge. In my mind, Thanksgiving desserts should include, (but of course not be limited to): pumpkin pie, pecan pie and apple pie. This was my inspiration for the desserts I was creating. I am pleased to announce that all were a success, and that I didn’t burn down our house in the process, (although I came close at one point–Oopsie!)

I followed recipes that I found via Pinterest, and I am including the links for your baking pleasure. Enjoy!

Dutch Apple Pie:

I decided to try a different type of apple pie, than the traditional kind. It turned out pretty yummy, and was my husband’s favorite of the three desserts I made.

some doubles 325 some doubles 326 some doubles 342 some doubles 340

Pecan Pie Bars:

So here’s the truth… I didn’t have enough pie dishes to make a pecan pie, so I found this amazing pecan pie bar recipe, and created these instead. My Father-in-law renamed them ‘crack bars’, which I think qualifies them as a hit.

Here’s a secret, though. I smoked out our entire house in the process of making these bad boys. I put all of the filling in to the pan when it was time to bake them, (which was way too much). In turn, it dripped over the sides and if you didn’t know, sugar makes a lot of smoke. It was quite a scene, but the bars survived the trauma, and so did we.

some doubles 347

See the edges where it spilled over int he oven? It’s not supposed to look like that.

some doubles 348 some doubles 350some doubles 351  some doubles 352

Pumpkin Pie:

Guys… I made homemade pie crust! This made me feel so legit.

some doubles 322 some doubles 319

I prepped my dough, filling and sugared cranberries the night before. After my whole pecan-pie-bar-almost-burn-down-the-house incident, I decided it was time to take a break for the night. Here is the final product, though. It tasted as good as it looked! (My favorite of the three desserts).

some doubles 349 some doubles 360 some doubles 354 some doubles 359 some doubles 357 some doubles 353

Stay tuned for my 12 Days of DIY, starting this week!

xo, Emily